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Who We Are

We are fraud and risk experts. Our customers are banks, lenders and solutions companies. Whether they are launching a new product or solving an existing risk management problem – they rely on us to build it fast (and ensure we deliver unsurpassed business benefits).

We build predictive models that help our customers stop fraud and reduce their risk exposure. We focus on using large sets of structured and unstructured data to mine historical fraud and risk patterns and build production-ready models.

We design fraud and risk solutions. We build them and deploy them with our complete focus. Our expertise is in predictive science and our focus is increasing speed to market. We build products fast without distractions. We make applications smarter using the latest technology and science.

We provide fraud and risk consulting services. Our team members have worked with hundreds of customers around the world – bringing our unique combination of business, technology, and analytical expertise to bear their challenging fraud and risk issues. We deliver high-leverage, actionable results from our consulting engagements.

What We Do

We help companies do great things using their data, domain business expertise, and creative ideas. We know that great solutions are a perfect collaboration of business, science, and data. That’s why we bring them all together every time we build a product.

Our team is comprised of industry leading scientists, business experts, and technology gurus. If that sounds unique, that’s because it is.

We collaborate like this because we have found it’s the best way to build accurate, intuitive solutions that just simply work. We’ve chosen to be nimble and fast because we understand the distractions that inhibit great ideas from becoming great products.

    • Dealer management
    • Fraud prevention
    • Predictive science

    Auto Lending

    • Fraud and risk management
    • Forensic diligence
    • Predictive models


    • Online Fraud
    • In Store Fraud
    • Fraud Consulting

    Retail Fraud

    • Tenant screening
    • App development
    • Risk management

    Consumer Rental

Fraud Focused Experience

Our team is experienced and we work fast. We have developed hundreds of fraud models and our solutions have been used to make decisions on billions of transactions.  When you have launched industry transforming solutions in fraud and risk like we have, you know what matters and what’s a distraction. And that’s exactly why customers rely on us.

Our solutions are smart because we use cutting-edge science and technology platforms. Our collaborative start-up culture makes us fast and focused. We can build and deploy models and solutions in a matter of weeks because we constantly leverage our experience and focus on what works.

Meet The Founders

  • Tim Grace

    CEO & Chairman

    Tim is a strategic innovator, guiding clients to bring new and profitable solutions to growth markets

  • Frank McKenna

    Chief Strategist & Founder

    Frank is a client business expert, helping companies incorporate new innovations into business operations

  • Joe Jackson


    Joe is a financial services expert, bringing a client perspective and developing strategic partnerships