About Greg Gancarz

Greg Gancarz is an experienced analytics leader, with extensive experience applying machine learning techniques such as neural networks and artificial intelligence to solve challenging business problems. He has built many high performing fraud detection and risk models in areas such as payment cards, auto loan application scoring, property, ACH, check, and wire. Greg has played a key role in developing Point Predictive’s world-class analytic capability as well as ensuring our clients realize maximal benefit, rapidly, from our

Greg is an MIT and Boston University graduate, with more than 15 years’ experience working for analytic firms including HNC Software, FICO, and Opera Solutions building state of the art models with big data. He was a key contributor to the worldwide rollout of FICO’s Falcon payment card fraud detection product, and has created custom analytic solutions for clients in areas such as online banking, property insurance, and collections. Greg is named in several scientific patents for fraud, collections, and data visualization.